Can’t believe it’s 2 years since last posting on this website, photography has been integral part of my business life, especially since going freelance in February 2019, is more of a showcase of all the different types of photography that I do with many examples. This includes aerial photography, food imagery, landscapes, work place photography and much more.

Having spent most of my working life being involved with measured surveys, I formed WGP Digital in February 2019 to have a bit more control in some of the things I do but also to branch out into other areas. Photogrammetry has been very productive, this involves the process of producing 3d survey data from photography, the drone really helps with this, for example producing a 3d photogrammetric model of a building requires many images of the externals, this is great until you get to the roof and this is when you need a drone to capture those high points, to do this properly and accurately you need survey grade measurements, this is where my survey experience comes in. Another use of photogrammetry, often referred to as ‘digital twin’ or ‘reality capture’ is to produce rectified images, also known as ortho-rectified imagery. This is a similar process but enables production of a very large and to scale image of a facade, wall or structure, this is extremely useful especially for heritage products.

Other image based services that I’ve carried out a lot is 360 photography or virtual tours, mainly with a high resolution DSLR but more recently with a small 360 camera for speed. This involves good photography skills but also the expertise to produce the 360 images and to produce fully functional, information rich virtual tours.

Other image projects I’ve been involved with include fine dining, products, farm crops, farm animals (alpacas – so cute) and work place imagery. This has been great especially when combining this with building a web site which I’ve also been able to do more of since going freelance.

I’m still often out with my dslr, drone or even my 360 camera capturing those landscapes, wildlife or the unusual from the sky! I’ve recently updated the images on this website so please get in touch if you’d like my help on a project – I love a challenge!


Measured surveys, photogrammetry, aerial inspection, 3d modelling etc…

Web design, hosting, email setup, ecommerce, wordpress…

Virtual tours, 360 imagery, information rich tours, heritage etc…

Photography, video production, aerial imagery, product imagery etc… stay right where you are..

Software expertise: Photoshop – Lightroom – DaVinci Resolve – Final Cut X